Product Spotlight: Adam Equipment Aqua Series Washdown Scales

Product Spotlight: Adam Equipment Aqua Series Washdown Scales

Adam Equipment’s Aqua washdown scale offers effortless performance, no matter how rigorous the application. The four models in the Aqua range are each rated IP67 to withstand harsh industrial and food processing environments. That protection rating, which means the scale is safe from water immersion of up to one meter for a half-hour and airborne particles like dust, makes Aqua ideally suited for applications that require frequent, repetitive cleaning.

Aqua Series Washdown Scale Overview

Models range in capacity from 9 lbs. (4kg) to 70 lbs. (32kg) with readabilities from 0.001 lbs. (0.5g) to 0.01 lbs. (5g). Weighing units include g, kg, lb, oz and lb:oz. Aqua includes an AC power adapter and also features an internal battery that operates for up to 55 hours between charges.

Intuitive Display

adam equipment aqua washdown scale

Aqua offers the functionality you’d expect – with applications like general weighing, percentage weighing, parts counting and checkweighing – but with a key difference that can increase productivity: instead of a display loaded with distracting indicators and lights, Aqua’s clutter-free front and rear panels hide the indicators until needed for the current application, allowing at-a-glance recognition of weighing results.

Front and rear LED displays – each with prominent 0.8” (20mm) digits – allow two users to operate the scale in tandem for optimal use of time and increased productivity.

Stainless Steel Pan

Three Aqua models – the ABW 4ABW 8 and ABW 16 – come equipped with a generous 9.6 x 7.1” (245 x 180mm) stainless steel pan. For heavier loads, the largest capacity Aqua model (ABW 32) features an 11.8 x 8.3” (300 x 210mm) pan. Both sizes of stainless steel pans include a molded sub pan that accommodates optional weighing scoops.

Solid Construction

Aqua’s durable ABS housing and stainless steel pan provide durability, while its keypad, sealed internal components and strategically placed channels within the housing ensure that Aqua will withstand demanding industrial environments and continue working after a quick washdown.

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Adam Equipment Aqua’s robust construction, high-performance functionality and budget-friendly price ensure a washdown-without-worry experience. Shop now!

Dec 8th 2020 Mike J

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