Cannabis Legality and Regulations by State

Cannabis Legality and Regulations by State

Updated March 2021

Keeping up with current marijuana laws across all 50 states is a lot like trying to follow along with a Christopher Nolan movie—it’s overly complicated and rapidly changing, yet you know people are going to be talking about it so you feel like you should at least try to get a grasp on it.

To make things easier for our loyal customers in the cannabis industry, we’ve put together the following chart which details the legal status of every state in our great nation (plus Washington DC). If you’re looking for the most up-to-date laws/penalties or policy news, we’ve also included links to reputable sources for each state.

Marijuana Laws by State

State Recreational? Medicinal? Decriminalized? State Laws Recent Updates
Alabama No No No AL Laws AL Updates
Alaska Yes Yes Yes AK Laws AK Updates
Arizona Yes Yes Yes AZ Laws AZ Updates
Arkansas No Yes No AR Laws AR Updates
California Yes Yes Yes CA Laws CA Updates
Colorado Yes Yes Yes CO Laws CO Updates
Connecticut No Yes Yes CT Laws CT Updates
Delaware No Yes Yes DE Laws DE Updates
District of Columbia Yes Yes Yes DC Laws DC Updates
Florida No Yes No FL Laws FL Updates
Georgia No CBD only No GA Laws GA Updates
Hawaii No Yes Yes HI Laws HI Updates
Idaho No No No ID Laws ID Updates
Illinois Yes Yes Yes IL Laws IL Updates
Indiana No CBD only No IN Laws IN Updates
Iowa No CBD only No IA Laws IA Updates
Kansas No No No KS Laws KS Updates
Kentucky No CBD only No KY Laws KY Updates
Louisiana No Yes No LA Laws LA Updates
Maine Yes Yes Yes ME Laws ME Updates
Maryland No Yes Yes MD Laws MD Updates
Massachusetts Yes Yes Yes MA Laws MA Updates
Michigan Yes Yes Yes MI Laws MI Updates
Minnesota No Yes Yes MN Laws MN Updates
Mississippi No Yes Yes MS Laws MS Updates
Missouri No Yes Yes MO Laws MO Updates
Montana Yes Yes Yes MT Laws MT Updates
Nebraska No No Yes NE Laws NE Updates
Nevada Yes Yes Yes NV Laws NV Updates
New Hampshire No Yes Yes NH Laws NH Updates
New Jersey Yes Yes Yes NJ Laws NJ Updates
New Mexico No Yes Yes NM Laws NM Updates
New York No Yes Yes NY Laws NY Updates
North Carolina No No Yes NC Laws NC Updates
North Dakota No Yes Yes ND Laws ND Updates
Ohio No Yes Yes OH Laws OH Updates
Oklahoma No Yes No OK Laws OK Updates
Oregon Yes Yes Yes OR Laws OR Updates
Pennsylvania No Yes No PA Laws PA Updates
Rhode Island No Yes Yes RI Laws RI Updates
South Carolina No No No SC Laws SC Updates
South Dakota Yes Yes Yes SD Laws SD Updates
Tennessee No No No TN Laws TN Updates
Texas No CBD only No TX Laws TX Updates
Utah No Yes No UT Laws UT Updates
Vermont Yes Yes Yes VT Laws VT Updates
Virginia No CBD only Yes VA Laws VA Updates
Washington Yes Yes Yes WA Laws WA Updates
West Virginia No Yes No WV Laws WV Updates
Wisconsin No CBD only No WI Laws WI Updates
Wyoming No No No WY Laws WY Updates

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