Meet Tara Lee - Home Skin Care Product Entrepreneur and Proud New Owner of an OHAUS SJX1502N/E!

At Scales Outlet, we’re always excited to see our products in service once they find their way to their forever homes! So when the opportunity to collaborate with prominent  YouTuber/Entrepreneur Tara Lee presented itself, we jumped at the chance to put one of our most popular scales in the hands of such a talented young woman!

Tara reached out to the team at Scales Outlet looking for an upgrade over her current scale, which was inadequate for her needs in a variety of ways. We discussed her operation and how she uses her scale in her business, and after considering many of the OHAUS scales we have to offer, we decided that the Scout SJX1502N/E would be an excellent choice to serve her needs well. We selected this scale for it’s weighing capacity (1500g), readability (0.01g), reliability, easy of setup and overall versatility.

After receiving the product, Tara has graciously shot and published an honest review of the SJX1502N/E we sent her, and it’s safe to say – spoiler alert – she loves her new scale!

We can’t thank Tara enough for the thoughtful and outstanding video review of the Scout SJX152N/E from OHAUS. Check out her video below or head over to her YouTube channel to see all that Tara has going on – and be sure to subscribe to her channel and smash the like button on her video! We are thrilled that she is super happy with her new scale and we can’t wait to see all the creations she comes up with!

The OHAUS Scout SJX1502N/E is an excellent scale that gets the job done for hobbyists and professionals operating in many industries.

There were many fine OHAUS scales that would have been suitable for Tara's operation and would have far exceeded her expectations and needs.  But after considering such models as the OHAUS NV1201, the OHAUS SPX1202 and the OHAUS STX1202 scales, it was determined that the SJX Scout 1502N/E would be the best choice for Tara's thriving skin-care production business.  

This OHAUS Scout scale has an excellent reputation and is one of the most popular scales in the entire Scales Outlet catalog of products!  Amateurs and professionals alike love these scales for their dependability, reliability and portability - all at a cost that is often less than half the price of similar scales from other brands.

So check out our catalog of OHAUS scales, and remember that Scales Outlet has trained technicians standing by to offer free product support and application assistance, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help in any way!

Oct 22nd 2020 Mike J

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