Need an Indicator? Consider the Rice Lake 480 and 482 Legend

Need an Indicator? Consider the Rice Lake 480 and 482 Legend

The Rice Lake 480 and 482 Legend Digital Indicators are great mid-level industrial weight indicators. The level of performance they offer for the price point is outstanding. They can be used for basic weighing applications like bench scales, tanks, and platform scales or they can be upgraded to automate simple batching processes.

The only difference between the 480 Legend and the 482 Legend is the type of display they have. The display for the 480 is a bright red 0.8” LED display and the display for the 482 is a bright backlit LCD display. Both are highly visible from quite a long distance. One example where this is very helpful is for platform scales in poorly lit warehouses where a forklift driver needs to read or record the weight of a pallet. With the highly visible weight display of the 480 or 482 Legend they can do it without having to get off the forklift; giving them more time to complete other tasks.

The indicator housing is constructed of stainless steel and the keypad is a flat membrane panel with tactile feel keys. The basic 480 and 482 Legend model has 7 keys while the 480 and 482 Plus Legend model also had a full numeric keypad.

The 480 and 482 have multiple options for communicating to external devices. They come standard with one full duplex RS-232 port and another port that can be used for continuous full duplex RS-232 or simplex 20 mA. They can be upgraded to communicate via USB or ethernet TCP/IP. For communicating via continuous serial communication there are 5 different formats pre-programmed already for you. Printer formats can also be customized to fit your needs.

Additional options include an analog output module, relay module, rechargeable battery, and panel mount kit. The analog output module can be setup for 0-10 VDC voltage output or for 0-20 mA / 4-20 mA current output. This can be used for sending weight information to data recorders or PLC systems when serial communication or ethernet communication isn’t an option. The relay module has 2 digital inputs and 4 dry contact relays. 2 relay boards can be installed at the same time for 4 digital inputs and 8 dry contact relays. The inputs are opto-isolated, active high, 5 to 24 VCD. They can be programmed to perform the function of primary keys, pseudo functions, or batching functions. The dry contact relays are 30 VDC 2 amp and would be used to control various components in a batching system. The rechargeable battery is lithium ion and is for scale systems where portability is necessary. The battery is able to power a scale system that has one 350 ohm load cell for approximately 40 hours. The panel mount kit allows for mounting the indicator in an electrical or control panel.

The 480 can run up to (8) 350 ohm load cells or (16) 700 ohm load cells. It is NTEP approved for class III and IIIL scales and can be used in conjunction with NTEP approved class III or IIIL scale bases to build a complete legal for trade weighing system. With the power to run up to (16) 350 ohm load cells, continuously stream weight data, and connect to a ticket printer, the 480 and 482 Legend can even be used to power a truck scale system.

Apr 6th 2019 Ben M

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