OHAUS CX Compass Product Spotlight

OHAUS CX Compass Product Spotlight

The OHAUS CX Compass Series scale provides portable and accurate results for the workplace and in-the-field weighing, while carrying the industry leading quality and reliability that OHAUS is known for.

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Low Power Usage

The Compass series is capable of operating remotely for up to 1,000 hours when powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries. It can also be powered by an  AC adapter (not included) for use in a stationary setting such as a laboratory.

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High Versatility

When moving locations for testing you are not always able to control the conditions within which you operate. Thankfully, the CX series is equipped with 4 adjustable feet to level the weighing pan, a large backlit LCD display for easy readability in low light situations, and simple two button menu navigation, which all work together to compensate for any environmental issues. The unit can be transported in an OHAUS carrying case (not included). 

OHAUS CX Compass Manual

Small Footprint

At only 5.3 x 7.6 x 1.6 inches,  Compass scales can fit in virtually any location while still featuring a large weighing pan. It also only weighs a total of 1.1 lbs. making it one of the lightest scales on the market.

Extra Features

In addition to the small size and versatile use, these scales come equipped standard with a stability indicator, mechanical and software overload/underload protection,and auto-shut off. Available weighing units are grams, newtons, ounces, and pound-ounces.  Calibration of the CX Compass is possible through either user-selectable external span or digitally with an external weight.


Whether you are weighing jewelry or testing samples in the field, if you are looking for a lightweight and reliable device, the CX Compass by OHAUS is the perfect fit to complete your task.  Shop now!

Jul 7th 2020 Dale Bales

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