Top 5 Cannabis Scales [Updated for 2021]

Top 5 Cannabis Scales [Updated for 2021]

One of the most frequently used features of the Scales Outlet website is the live chat function, where site visitors take advantage of the opportunity to talk to our trained technicians that are standing by to help out with any product support or application assistance they may need.  And one of the most common questions we hear is 'what are the best scales for cannabis weighing?'

Recently, our support team was contacted by 'Brian', a technician working for a cannabis startup in Lansing, MI.  Brian wanted to know which products we offer are the best NTEP certified scales for cannabis applications.  He was tasked with purchasing five scales for their cannabis-manufacturing operation, so it was important that he make sure he was getting the right equipment for the company's needs.

After a brief discussion via live-chat with our technician, we assembled a list of the top 5 cannabis scales that would serve Brian's organization's needs well. So check out our list below and be sure to reach out if you need guidance in any way!

OHAUS SJX1502N/E NTEP Class II Balance

1. OHAUS SJX 1502N/E

When you think about the attributes that you absolutely need, the SJX 1502N/E from OHAUS checks all the boxes!  Reliable, durable and accurate, there's a very good reason that these are some of the most popular cannabis scales on the market today. The SJX 1502N/E is lightweight, portable and can weigh up to 1,500 g with a readability of 0.01 g, maximizing versatility while remaining tough and dependable. Featuring an underhook weighing design to go along with traditional pan weighing, these scales can be use for a multitude of weighing needs. Data transfer to peripherals is also easy and convenient via multiple communication ports, including RS232 and Bluetooth.  And when you consider the very reasonable price point of less than $300 (at the time of this post), it's easy to see why these scales are a very popular choice for many types of cannabis operations!

2. Intelligent Weighing AHS 15

The AHS 15 series of NTEP approved cannabis scales from Intelligent Weighing is specially designed to meet the weighing needs of a variety of cannabis operations. Featuring the option of either battery or A/C operation, these scales are designed with maximum portability and convenience in mind. Designed to include a large, easy to read LCD screen, the AHS 15 is a great choice at a very reasonable price point. With capacity ratings of 15 lbs and readability of 0.01 lbs, the AHS 15 can handle large plants and accurately track changes in weight for drying plants.

3. OHAUS Ranger 7000Ohaus Ranger 7000 NTEP Class II Bench Scale

The SJX1502N/E isn't the only OHAUS scale to make our list!  Introducing the OHAUS Ranger 7000, a high capacity bench scale that offers incredible accuracy featuring a 15 lb weighing capacity and an astonishing 0.00005 lb readability specification!  Featuring ten advanced application modes including checkweighing and filling, these impressive scales from OHAUS have been developed to make optimizing your weighing processes and procedures a breeze, and make packaging easier too! With housing construction that features IP54 cast metal, these scales allow you to weigh both wet and dry products conveniently and efficiently. These scales even allow for underhook weighing, further adding to the flexible weighing capabilities that will exceed the expectations of any cannabis professional.  

Adam Equipment HCB 602aM NTEP Class II Balance

4. Adam Equipment HCB 602aM

The HCB 602aM from Adam Equipment comes in at number four on our list featuring a draft shield designed to block environmental disturbances that can affect weighing performance. A built-in capacity tracker designed right into the display combined with an audible overload alarm allows the user to maintain consistent quality control when reaching the desired quantity.  NTEP class II approved and offering weighing capacity of 600g and readability of 0.01g, these scales from Adam Equipment are an excellent choice for cannabis weighing operations.  

A&D Weighing FX-1200iN NTEP Class II Balance

5. A&D Weighing FX-1200iN

The FX-1200iN from A&D Weighing rounds out our top-5 cannabis scales by clocking in as one of the fastest scales with a stabilization time of only one second! This quick readout speed combined with an effective counting function makes it well suited for checking out products in a dispensary. Communication with peripherals is made easy through the included RS232 interface port.

This series of balances offers precise weighing and are backed with an impressive 5 year warranty, ensuring reliability and durability for years to come! The FXiN series comes with A&D patented Compact SHS (super hybrid sensor) which allows the balance to be compact, fast, and accurate. It features a stainless steel pan, standard RS-232 interface, overload protection, a large fluorescent display, and underhook weighing making this a very versatile product.


From weighing fresh plants to selling the finished product, Scales Outlet has the equipment you need to be successful in your cannabis operation! So browse the vast offering of products, and don't forget that we offer free product support and application assistance from trained technicians, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Oct 29th 2020 Mike J

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