Tree HRB-XG Series Spotlight

Tree HRB-XG Series Spotlight

Tree HRB-XG 123 Milligram Precision Balance

The new Tree HRB-XG series from LW Measurements improves on its dependable and easy-to-use HRB predecessor. Feature-packed, the HRB-XG gives you more functionality for your money. With multiple capacities available, the Tree HRB-XG fits a wide range of applications, including laboratory and industrial uses.

Expanded Capability

One of the most requested features of a high-resolution balance is a removable draft shielddraft shield is necessary when reading at a milligram resolution or below to help prevent air currents from impacting the weighing results. Having a fully removable draft shield allows the user to work more efficiently with challenging samples like powders and liquids while removing the potential for spills. Larger sample weighing is possible with the draft shield removed.

Dual Displays

The HRG-XG features both a front and rear display for expanded viewing capability. The extra display makes recording results more efficient in lab settings and is perfect for classrooms with large class sizes. Each LCD screen has one-inch tall digits for easy reading. The selectable auto-shutoff and backlight settings help to conserve battery power while not plugged in.

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Improved Performance

With a quick stabilization time of under two seconds, the HRB-XG features a high-resolution load cell with up to 310,000 divisions, making for precise and repeatable weighing results. Four leveling feet and a bubble level further help to ensure equal distribution of weight.

Expanded Peripheral Connectivity

The HRB-XG includes both an RS-232 interface and a USB-A port for connecting peripherals like printers and computers for streamlined data collecting.

Tree HRB-XG 3102 Precision Balance

Top Load Weighing

With three high-capacity, top-loading models, the HRB-XG top loaders also include a counting feature that expands the capability of the HRB-XG for packing and packaging applications. The platform measures 7 inches by 8.2 inches to allow for more significant samples as well as containers for piece counting.


The Tree HRB-XG expands the capability of the HRB series while maintaining it's ease-of-use and budget-friendly pricing. The sleek, compact design allows for extreme portability in any environment with the HRB-XG's long-lasting battery life. The removable draft shield makes cleanup quicker and easier than ever, saving you time and money.

Jun 30th 2020 Josh M

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