LifeCal Lifetime Calibration Program

LifeCal Lifetime Calibration Program from Scales Outlet

LifeCal Program

Scales Outlet offers an industry first with our LifeCal program! For every eligible new scale or balance purchased with our traceable calibration report, we’ll provide you with one free annual calibration for the lifetime of your instrument! Although we can’t set your calibration interval, we will provide you with one free calibration per year whenever you require it. You can send your instrument in to us and we’ll return it to you with a traceable calibration report, free-of-charge.* That is a savings of up to $125.00 each time you send it in!

Every eligible new scale purchased with a calibration report is qualified for the lifetime calibration program and is tracked by serial number. We currently have over 1,300 models that are eligible for this program, with more being added every day. Whether you buy one new scale or fifty new scales from us, each one will be eligible for one free calibration per year, for a lifetime. Save big on annual calibration services with Scales Outlet!

White Glove Calibration

We provide white-glove service for every instrument we calibrate, no matter what. What does white-glove mean? It means that each instrument is handled with an exceptional level of care. We take our service seriously. New instruments are carefully unboxed, tested and calibrated using only the best equipment. We obsess over the details. This includes re-packaging new instruments with the utmost care, wearing gloves throughout the process to eliminate any contamination or fingerprints on new equipment, printing calibration reports on high-quality heavy paper stock and retaining your reports by serial number using industry-leading software.


Our calibrations feature a minimum 7-point verification and are NIST traceable using test standards that are verified in-house every 3 months and re-certified bi-annually by an NVLAP accredited agency. New instruments are calibrated to manufacturer’s specifications unless otherwise requested.**

Learn more about our quality statement here.

New Instrument Calibration

Scales Outlet offers NIST traceable calibration reports for many new instruments available on Need your scale delivered with a calibration report? No problem! Most calibrations include 7 points of test data, completed with test standards traceable to NIST. New instruments are calibrated to manufacturer’s specifications.


  • New instrument is ready to use out of the box as soon as you receive it
  • NIST traceable calibration report available in hard copy and digital copy
  • Reduce extra costs associated with local service providers
  • One point of contact for instrument purchase and service records
  • Piece of mind that your new instrument is within specs
  • One free annual calibration for the lifetime of your instrument

How to Order

Look for the LifeCal Calibration Program option above the Add to Cart button on qualifying scales and balances. If you’re purchasing online, simply select “LifeCal Calibration Program (+$180)” under the item options and it will be added to your order. You may also call and a member of our team will assist with your order. Just be sure to request the calibration report with your purchase.


How to Request an Annual Calibration or Service

As a courtesy, Scales Outlet will send you a reminder when your scale is due for a calibration each year. You may also request your free calibration or service through our online form here


Turnaround Time

Most new instruments are calibrated within 3-7 business days. Expedited service can be requested and may include an additional cost.

*Free calibration service does not include the cost of freight. Customer is responsible for freight costs to and from Scales Outlet.

**Additional charges may apply for customer-specific tolerances.