ViBRA Semi Micro Balances

ViBRA Semi Micro Balances

ViBRA Semi Micro Balances

Shop Vibra Semi Micro Balances from Scales Outlet!
ViBRA semi-micro balances are a unique offering from Scales Outlet.  With a calibration process that requires little more than the press of a single button, these well-designed balances are  intended to be user friendly, ultra-reliable and highly durable.
With a wide range of features ranging from dual-range capacity, to USB/RS 232 connectivity, to a large, backlit display, these semi-micro balances from ViBRA are engineered to provide maximum versatility and perform a variety of functions that include statistics, counting, weigh-below capability, percentage weighing, density, checkweighing and accumulation.

Scales Outlet is the best place to buy Vibra semi-micro balances! Our team of experts provide free product support and application assistance. Need help finding the right Vibra balance for your needs? Contact our team of trained technicians today!

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    ViBRA LF-225 DR Balance


    ViBRA LF-225 DR Semi Micro Dual Range Balance, 92 g / 220 g x 0.01 mg / 0.1 mg

    List: $4,300.00
    ViBRA LF Series LF-225 DR Dual Semi Micro Balance The LF-225 DR Dual Semi Micro balance is a unique offering from ViBRA. The dual range capacity means that below 92 gram capacities, the LF-225 DR will display with a 0.01 mg resolution. Between 92 and 220...
    List: $4,300.00
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    List: $4,300.00
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